SA Recreational Boating Council

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  • Established on 23rd March 1981, the SARBC has been in existence for over 30 years.
  • The Council consists of member organisations with common interests, and delegates to the Council are appointed by the member organisations and Office Bearers are elected annually.
  • The SARBC was incorporated in March 2001 and the objects of the Council include:
    • act as the representative of member organisations on matters of common interests to Government and their departments, industry and the public
    • encourage the development of ramps, moorings and general facilities for boating and recreation in South Australia
    • ensure the rights and privileges of small craft owners and operators are preserved
    • provide close liaison with Government bodies most closely connected with the marine environment
  • The current Council members consists of:
    • Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol
    • Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association
    • SA Sea Rescue Squadron Inc
    • Garden Island Yacht Club Inc
    • Port Adelaide Sailing Club
    • Small Boat Club of South Australia
    • Angas Inlet Boat Club Inc
    • Middle Beach 
    • The Trailer Sailer Association of South Australia Inc
    • South Coast Boating Association
    • Royal Port Pirie Yacht Club / Whyalla Yacht Club
  • o The Council is able to assist local councils and established community organisations with applications for funding to South Australian Boating Facility Advisory Committee (SABFAC)

Supporting Improved Facilities for Recreational Boating Since 1981